Eco friendly

At Finium, green is a way of life

100% made in North America

We follow the most stringent Canadian environmental standards to the letter. Without exception, every one of our products is made out of North American wood by a North American worker. When you buy Finium, you’re buying peace of mind knowing your product has the smallest possible environmental impact from shipping and was made from sustainable raw materials in a production chain valuing human rights and worker safety.

More than just words

  • No part of the tree is wasted
  • 100% of our raw timber is sourced from sustainably managed North American forests
  • 100% of the varnishes and oils we use are continuously recycled and reused throughout the production cycle
  • 100% of our products are designed to optimize the use of resources and minimize losses
  • We use post-industrial wood waste in our manufacturing process
  • We use low VOC natural Danish oil and solvent-free 100% solids UV coating
  • Our products have very low VOC emissions (0.00 to 0.04 kg/L)
  • We use formaldehyde-free adhesives and other products