Add interest and colour. Every wall is unique.

Originally developed to optimize the use of wood, the decorative walls in the Hecolo collection are now treasured for their great aesthetic beauty. We combine ten species on one wall for a singular effect. Using different species accentuates contrasts and creates interesting variations in texture and pattern. Hecolo is a great way to add a signature style to a space.

  • 100% natural Oil
  • 9 mm and 11 mm
San Francisco
speciesmix of 10 wood species
Sao Paolo
speciesmix of 10 wood species
speciesmix of 10 wood species


The Hecolo collection offers an impeccable manufacturing quality. Installation is fast and easy.

12" / 30,48 cm
60" / 152,4 cm
25 pi2 / 2.32 m2

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