A thing of beauty is a joy forever

Superior craftsmanship

At Finium, we never cut corners. We want our products to look flawless and last forever. Every step of our production chain is backed by a continuous quality control process. All final products are inspected to ensure they meet the highest standards for aesthetics and durability.

Premium materials

We work with only the most reliable names in the industry. We inspect every delivery of wood before incorporating it into the production cycle. Wood moisture content is measured, resulting in a remarkably stable finished product.

Careful preparation

At Finium, technical specifications are taken seriously. Boards are precisely measured before being cut into planks of varying widths. We follow a carefully controlled sanding process that results in a flawless look and feel.

Meticulous assembly

Individual planks, the spacing between each plank, even the exact amount of adhesive—no detail is overlooked in our inspection process. This meticulous assembly allows the wood to expand naturally without affecting the appearance of the finished product.

Flawless finish

Staining is not an exact science—the results vary depending on the wood species and conditions of application. But one thing never changes: the beauty of the final product. Our specialists have an artistic sensibility and are true mixologists when it comes to creating and perfecting colours on the fly.

Varnishes and oils

We apply only 100% natural Danish oils and solvent-free 100% solids UV coatings. We choose finishes and stains solely based on our commitment to offering the highest quality and eco-friendly finished products.