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Finium designs and manufactures top-of-the-line wall coverings of strong aesthetic value. A version worthy of the honourable work of an artisan through genuine innovative products of constant quality, with all the advantage of an organized production.

Decorative Walls

Sign off on your architectural project with Finium decorative walls

Over and above our collections, Finium offers the opportunity to create a customized decorative wall design for commercial projects. Discover the benefits of our customization program.

Finium wood wall panels are available in a variety of high-end styles, unique by design and texture. Finium can also transform your ideas into custom products such that your decorative wall panels design is 100% to your liking. Because of our expertise, we are able to quickly translate your customized concept into a concrete prototype. Unique, bold and aesthetically rich, real wood decorative walls stand out as much in residential as well as in commercial applications.

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finium murs décoratifs
finium murs décoratifs
finium murs décoratifs